Empowered Rails


Based on/forked from FasterMinecarts, with inspiration from the HS Rails plugin from ergor, who credits varesa's Minecart Speedplus.


This Mod aims to be vanilla client/fabric server friendly; so only needed on the server. A different fork (FasterMinecarts 2 by fiddleyowl) is modded client/server, unlike the original, by adding additional blocks to the game.


This mod aims to balance the speed of vanilla minecarts compared to the other means of transportation available.


This mod changes the speed of minecarts up to 30 b/s based on the block underneath the powered rail as defined in the config file.


30 m/s is the limit imposed in the game, higher values then that just increase momentum per the chat pages of similar mods.


Derailment is an option; set the config to have slow down blocks accordingly.


Config is json with "minecraft:< Block id >" : Max Speed.


This mod requires **Fabric**.