Emerald Exchange

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Emerald Exchange is an addon application for MrCrayfish's Device Mod


This addon will add an application to your laptop called Emerald Exchange. This app will allow you to send emerald that are in your Emerald Bank to other players whom are on the server your on. When you first open the application you will be shown two buttons. The "Send Transaction" button will take you to a new page where you can select a player and input an amount. You can either press the return button on your keyboard or the "Send" button to process the transaction. The "Transactions" button will in the future give you a list of incoming and outgoing transaction of your account.


To sum it all up this application give you the ability to send and receive emeralds.





Ease of transferring emeralds from player to player by use of a player selection menu




Those whom are being sent the emeralds will recieve a notification like:





No additional dependencies are required for this addon besides MrCrayfish's Device Mod of the version listed below.


Currently this addon will work with "Device Mod 0.4.1".


If this mod isn't working for you, make sure you check the changelogs.



If you have any issues or suggestions you can either message me on CurseForge or PM me on discord. My username for discord is  Mastef_Chief#9057 .