[Fabric] Elytra Crafting Mod

43,752 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 12, 2021 Game Version: 1.17.1

Versions for minecraft 1.16 and up use Fabric which can be found here.

Versions for minecraft 1.12 and below use Forge which can be found here.


As the name implies, this mod adds the ability for you to craft the elytra through the use of some intermediate parts added by the mod. This mod has a very important config: "Pre-End". This setting toggles if the player is able to craft the elytra before or after going to the end. Don't feel like trucking through the End and dealing with the dragon and just want to fly around? Feel free to flip the setting in order to allow you to craft it using all non-End materials. However, with the ability to craft the elytra I have made it quite expensive for both versions, but i am always open to suggestions on how to make the mod better.  


Huge credit goes to Wizardon777 for the mod banner!


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