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NOTICE: this mod hasn't been worked on in a while, there's still more to come, but i have another project i'd like to get done by a certain time first


Ever wanted some more magic in your world? this mod attempts to invoke a mystical feeling, 


So far this mod Includes:

- 1 dimension

- 1 overworld biome

- 9 dimension exclusive biomes

- 3 dimension exclusive elf house structure variants 

- 1 dimension exclusive hostile mob structure

- 1 Boss Structure

- 2 sets of Armor/tools

- an extra sword and pickaxe, [rare boss drop]

- 3 enchantments, (1 boot, 1 melee, 1 chest)

- a few items

- 112 blocks

- 5 advancements

- 15 mobs (3 shop elves, 5 citizen elves, 1 hostile elf in the nether, 1 zombie elf, 1 2 Stage Golden Orb Weaver Spider Boss, Cosmoo, Kappa, and a corrupted pixie)

- 1 music disc (with original music made by myself!)

- 2 in dimension music tracks

- below average quality mob voice acting done by myself


please message me about any missing recipes, typos (for general grammar and item ID's as well!) and bugs!


Original Release with a few weeks of overworking and bad sleeping schedules :D

Thanks to MCreator For without it this mod would not exist


Feel free to use this in your modpacks and videos!!!


OFFICIAL MOD DISCORD: https://discord.gg/5SemVWtQ


trailer for the mod:

MINECRAFT | Elvenation Mod 1.0.1 | OFFICIAL TRAILER - YouTube

MCreator Link: Elvenation | MCreator


1.0.3 Boss Fight:

MINECRAFT | Elvenation 1.0.3 | "Golden Update" | Golden Orb Weaver Boss Fight - YouTube


Official Addons:

Elvenation: Hellvenite Addo... - Mods - Minecraft - CurseForge


Cool Videos:

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