Elrol's GUI Elevator

64,722 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 16, 2018 Game Version: 1.7.10

This mod adds an Elevator that will display a GUI to choose a floor to teleport to.



Pick Floor GUI : Right clicking any elevator will display any Elevator above and below that is valid.
A floor naming GUI : Simply sneak and right click the Elevator to open the Floor Naming GUI.

Rotating Teleport Locations : Depending on the way this block is facing (where the ender pearl is pointing at) the player will be teleported accordingly, if it is up then it places the player on top. if down it places the player 2 blocks under the Elevator. if it is on the sides then it teleports the player down one block on the side it is facing so the Elevator is at the head level.

Hidden Floors : Elevators that receive a redstone signal directly, like a lever on the side or redstone next to the block, will keep the Elevator from showing up on the GUI, however the player can still use the Elevator to teleport.

Floor Limit: There is a limit to the number of floors each Elevator can have. The Limit is 24 due to the GUI.


   -PreventTraps(boolean): will check the floors for any block listed in the TrapList and also check for a solid block under the place where the       players feet will be. If any listed Trap is present or if there is no block under the feet, the floor will be disabled to prevent players from               being trapped or tricked.[Default: false]

   -TrapList(String[]): is a list of the unlocalized name of blocks to check for. [Default: lava, fire, water]

   -Camouflage Blacklist(String[]): is a list of blocks that cant be used as Camouflage. [Default: null]

   -Permission Protection(boolean): if true, players can only use the Elevators if they can edit terrain. [Default: false]

   -Whitelist Protection(boolean): if true, players can only use the Advanced Elevators if they are on the Whitelist. [Default: true]

Colorful: Now there are 16 colors of Elevators, each can be made using any elevator and the dye of your choice, or by right clicking an     elevator with the desired color.

Advanced Elevator: Right clicking an Elevator with a diamond will make it into an Advanced Elevator. if the player right clicks while sneaking it will open a menu to select 3 options, Rename, Camouflage, and Whitelist. When the Advanced Elevator is broken it drops a normal Elevator and a Diamond.

Camouflage (1.7.10 Only): Select the Camouflage option in the Advanced Elevator. It has a single slot that holds a normal block. when the Gui is closed, it applies the texture to the Advanced Elevator. The only valid items for this feature must meet these requirements:

   1) it cant be another Elevator.

   2) it must be a normal block, like cobblestone, dirt, etc. and not be things like chests, and iron bars.

   3) it must not be on the blacklist set in the config.

Whitelist: Select the Whitelist option in the Advanced Elevator. You can type usernames and add them to the whitelist. To remove the names, click on them and hit delete. If enabled in the config only players who are on this list can teleport to it.

Change Floors: You can change what floor you are on by jumping on/under/infront of an elevator to go up, and crouching to go down.

Current Floor Messages: When you arrive at a new floor the Elevator will send a message to your player, letting you know what the name of the floor you are now on is. ex (Current Floor: Floor 1).

View Whitelist: Using a stick on the Advanced Elevator will print into the chat the players whitelisted on the selected Elevator.

Sound: The Elevator now plays a sound when the player is teleported to different floors.



Modpacks and Servers: You may use this mod for any modpacks or servers, just have a link to this page and give credit where credit is due. Enjoy!

I must apologize for not updating this recently, Life has been hectic and between college classes, my job, and dealing with moving houses and handling family matters I havent had much time to myself. I will be making the updates for this mod all the way to 1.12 (as long as I have the time) I will start updating for 1.9 tomorrow and go from there. Thanks for being patient!


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