Elite Armageddon


This mod offers challenge to those who want it by introducing plugins whose sole purposes are to destroy everything.

Currently only one of six planned plugins are complete. More will be added in the future.


If you think Minecraft is too easy, this mod may be for you.

The goal of this mod is to introduce challenge to your world in many interesting ways.


The Solar Apocalypse plugin, included with the download, gives you four days to collect resources. On the fifth day, the surface becomes uninhabitable, and any living thing caught in the sunlight will burn to death. In addition, grass and leaves will begin to disappear after the first day, and water will evaporate on the fourth day.


Modders may integrate the EA API, downloadable here, to create their own challenge plugins for Elite Armageddon.

More plugins are coming soon!


Getting Started

Download MinecraftForge from here. Then download this mod and put it in the mods folder.

Create a new world and use the Select Apocalypse button to choose the only option there (for now).


This mod has not been beta tested. MP support may not work, and there could be bugs. If you find any problems, you can report them to me and I will fix them for the next release.