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Are you tired of limited level enchantments? Do you want to improve your armor and tools even more?


Then this mod is made for you, Elevated enchantment allows you to exchange particular resources for improved enchantments


By opening the interface of the "improvement table" block, put 1 lapis in
each blue slot, put your piece of armor or your tools in the slot on
the far left, then put 1 item in the yellow slot
(the item in the yellow slot determines the enchantment has improved)

exemple 1exemple 2

Here are all the enchantments that can be improved thanks to this mod, as well as the respective item (to be placed in the yellow slot):

Unbreaking (item : anvil)(level max : 3>6)

Feather falling (item : phantom membrane)(level max : 4>7)

Protection (item : scute)(level max : 4>7)

Fortune (item : netherite ingot)(level max : 3>5)

Sharpness (item : end crystal)(level max : 5>8)

Looting (item : wither skull)(level max : 3>5)

Efficiency (item : diamond block)(level max : 5>10)

Respiration (item : heart of the sea)(level max : 3>6)

Lure (item : pufferfish)(level max : 3>7)

Power (item : amethyst shard)(level max : 5>8)

Sweeping (item : diamond sword)(level max : 3>6)

Blast protection (item : TNT)(level max : 4>7)

Fire protection (item : magma cream)(level max : 4>7)