Elementary Staffs

261,524 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 9, 2022 Game Version: 1.16.5   +2

Recode W.I.P (1.18.2)


>= 2.0.0 needs Kotlin for Fabric


This mod adds all old staffs from the Better Dungeon mod!

You can get the Essences from Dungeon Loot, this been added in 1.2 version of this mod!

Finding the essences in version 1.12.2 was added in update 1.0.2.


If you are looking for the dungeons there is a mod called Chocolate Quest Repoured.



Mod Showcases:

English (1.12.2) from Redstone KnightX

German (1.15.2) from Zeranax

Russian (1.15.2) from Лаймстоун

Vietnamese (1.12.2) from PETER TV


Crafting Recipes:

Magic Essence:




Elementary Staffs:

Magical Arrows (1.8+):

Magical Grenades (1.9+)




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