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Important! This mod is heavily indev, so you might wanna be aware of especially server crashes etc. Please report them on the issues page (on Github)!


This mod requires the Patchouli API!


Elementaristics is a MagiTech mod, in which the player can discover arcane elements (and his soul), in order to master them, cast spells, create "Thaumagrals" and other useful devices. 

The mod is centered around the theme of occultism, allowing a player to perform Great Feats, cast rituals and form a cult.


This mod was inspired by the Thaumcraft mod, made by Azanor. 

Note that this mod is heavily WIP and some features have yet to be implemented. 


Thanks go out to everyone from the "Z-Net", special thanks go out to Morinor, who helped with ideas and brought up a bit of concept art, and gunroot2525, who also brought up some ideas.


Here's my discord server if you wanna discuss the mod, or just hang out: 


Getting Started

In order to get started with this mod, you will need to have access to Nether Warts, Blaze Powder, Poppies and Red Mushrooms. You can craft those together to acquire a Bundle of Herbs, which you'll need to throw into fire.

Considering that you are standing close enough to the fire, you'll get intoxicated. 

If you have a book, after some time, you'll receive an item, the Liber Elementium: 



This book should be all you need to get through the mod.

Keep in mind that there is currently not too much content in the mod / the book, and some entries, mostly the ones that start with "A Dream of..." do not have any meaning at the moment, but will be important later on.




Essences are key components in every crafting recipe of Elementaristics.

In order to produce them, one must either dissolve Unrefined Clusters in Water, or use Matter Manipulation

Dissolving Essence Clusters into Essences


The different Matter Manipulators:

the Concentrator, the Purifier, the Infusion Basin, the Altar (with the Chaos Incantation), the Reactor, and the Tunneler.

Each one of these has their own way of working (which can be looked up in the Liber Elementium).



Rites are an early mid-game feature, focusing around the Altar and Cultists.
In order to cast a rite, an Incantation must be used on an Altar:

The Chaos Rite is cast on Glowstone, with the gentle help of a Cultist.

A rite always focuses on Aspects to be invoked, like the Chaos Aspect in this case (which is invoked with the item in the offhand). 

Further information on how rites work can be found in the Liber Elementium.

Souls and "Magan":

Souls and "Magan" (the blend of primal aspects and Mana) are key elements in casting spells and rites.

Each player is assigned a soul upon creating a new world, which will also determine his max. Magan, his Magan regeneration rate etc.

A soul can be identified with the Rite of Enlightenment's Sighing (further information in the doc):

An Earth Soul is identified.


Ascension is one of the mechanics most players will probably focus on, as it is focused on granting Stat Boosts, Spells, and other content, like deepened Emotions.

Currently, this mechanic is quite incomplete; however, you may read about it in the Liber Elementium.

Additionally, you might find entries that start with "A Dream of...". These entries are about final ascension, and are unimportant as of now.

Occult Energy:

Occult Energy is where this mod gets its tech part from; it's centered around generating energy and using it.
However, currently, this category only implements one storage block (the Occult Energy Core (center)), a generator (the Arcane Combustion Generator (left and right)) and one Bauble (the Maganatic Accumulator (the item on the far left of the hotbar)).

Of course, this system also comes with its own type of wand: the Channeling Tool.

This tool can link an "OE-Blocks" with another(Occult Energy Blocks- Blocks that are connected to that energy).

A Block that is linked to the other block will either provide energy or drain it (this varies from block to block, but can also be set for some).

Two active Combustion Generators that are linked to an Occult Energy Core supply it with OE.



Of course, there's way more content that I did not mention (like the entire category on Vis Vitalis, Shaping, Alchemy, and the tiny features that are contained within those). 


Anyways, enjoy!