Elemental Masters

937 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 12, 2019 Game Version: Java 10

Elemental Masters is a Mod made by Loic_MaitreDuFeu and has started his development in August 2017!


Mine powerful ores! Explore new biomes! Gather gears! Defeat Bosses! and Save the world!

This mod is about Elements such as Fire, Ice, Lightning, Water, Gravity, Air, Earth, Nature and Darkness...!

Each of these Elements has it's own set of Gear/Biomes/Dimensions/Plants/Ores/Powers/Mobs/Bosses and resources!


One of the main stuffs are Swords, Pickaxes, Axes, Shovels, Hammers, Materials, Powers

Their dimensions contain Dungeons with bosses which will give you access to the last dimension which is the Dark Dimension!

This mod is requently updated with new features and bug fixing!



7 July 2019 Update of the Mod! NEW: Changelog 2.1.0 •Added Spikes, Hot Spike, Electrified Spike •Added new Custom Sound - Electric Shock •Added Experience Ore: Give you XP when break ore •Added Stalactites in Ice Caves in Icy Biomes •Boulders can now Spawn in Overworld naturally like flowers (not as much as flowers :)) •Added small rocks which generate like boulders •Added NEW Earth Dungeon in Earth Dimension! •Added Fire Spider •Added Clouds in the World and Dimensions! •Added New Stylish Armor Textures {Made by Kory} •Transformed all Runes Effects into 1 several Custom Potion Effects •Added Color texts in some items's descriptions and color names in some items/gear names •Now Runes uses Durability when in use! •Added Dark luminous Purple Mushroom in Dark Biome and Dimension •Added NEW Boss! Earth Titan (Model made by "Coyote Coy the Bear") •Added New Custom Ores only found in the Dimensions! All in the list below •- - - > Endorium/ Demonium/ Freezium/ Luminium/ Naturium/ Waterium / Aerosium/ Earthium ---------- All used to upgrade armor in next update! •Now there is Difficulty, Item Rarity, Mobs, bosses ability and others small things like bonuses are now Rarer depending on your game Difficulty • - Easy/Peaceful - Lots of Items, Rare Items items such as nuggets are easy to get and Ups are less rare, Bosses don't use their ability often • - Normal - All is normal, Items items have a normal rarity, sometime hard to get or easy to get, Ups are normal drops, and Bosses uses their ability when they want • - Hard - Nuggets are kind of hard to get, even after breaking 200 plants or boulder, still 0?, Ups don't even popup?, Bosses uses their ability at THEIR MAX!!! • •[Bugfix] Corrected a lot of misspelling •[Bugfix] Fix propagation of grass in nature caves which was causing lag •[Bugfix] Other Minor bugs








This mod is made with MCreator mod maker. If you want to make a mod too, check their website https://mcreator.net/.



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