Electroblob's Wizardry

10,463,991 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 1, 2021 Game Version: 1.12.2

Wizard Armour

A full set of regular wizard armour.

Black Hole

One of my personal favourite spells, black hole, in action.

Wizard Tower

A wizard tower in a forest.


An ice mage chilling in his tower, wearing some ice mage robes.

Lightning Ray

Another of my favourite spells, lightning ray.

Summoned Minions

From left to right: ice wraith, blaze minion, lightning wraith.

Arcane Workbench

The wand floats above the arcane workbench, as if held by some ethereal force...

In the Nether

Fighting fire with fire. Always a good strategy.

Frozen Skeleton

Why let monsters bother you? Freeze them solid instead!

Spirit Horse

Summon forth your very own spirit horse, complete with saddle, and ride your translucent companion across the landscape.

Excessive use of magic

Do not try this at home, or there might not be much home left!

Petrified Creatures

Wizardry 1.1 includes this neat visual improvement to the petrify spell. Turn things to stone in style!


Wizard Tower 2

Another wizard tower, with a nice purple roof.

Spell Discovery

A new feature in wizardry 1.1, spell discovery adds a sense of mystery by making spells unreadable until you identify them.


Wizard Tower 3

Wizard towers have had a bit of a refurbishment in Wizardry 1.1 - this one in a swamp is a great example.


All 140 spells in Wizardry. Get collecting!

Logo 2


Original artwork!

Magic room

A fully-equipped magic room, complete with arcane workbench, wizard armour set, candles from Quark and bookshelves from Bibliocraft for all those spell books!

Magic missile

* It also looks good without shaders


Original artwork!

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Armour classes