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Filename ElectroblobsWizardry-4.3.4-MC1.12.2.jar
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Uploaded Feb 1, 2021
Game Version 1.12.2   +4
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Version 4.3.4 - Patching up the Armour

+ Added information about the new armour classes to The Wizard's Handbook
* Increased total cooldown reduction for warlock armour from 30% to 40%, and battlemage from 15% to 20% (the previous values were broken though)
* Mana flasks no longer take time to use in creative mode
* Updated Chinese (simplified) translations, courtesy of TUSama et al.
* Updated Korean translations, courtesy of red1854th
# Fixed armour class cooldowns displaying the total set cooldown on each item, they now display the correct value for each item on its own
# Fixed a problem with combining two sets of spell modifiers, which caused armour cost reductions not to apply in many cases
# Fixed issue #603, where combining multiple sources of cooldown reduction resulted in negative cooldowns, breaking wands
# Fixed issue #608, an error that made it impossible to apply class armour upgrades on dedicated servers
# Fixed issue #610, a syntax error in the Hungarian handbook translation file
# Fixed issue #615, where I accidentally left my startup item model generator code in by mistake :P

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