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Filename ElectroblobsWizardry-4.3.2-MC1.12.2.jar
Uploaded by Electroblob
Uploaded Jan 3, 2021
Game Version 1.12.2   +4
Size 9.94 MB
Downloads 256,751
MD5 8bd7afbfee7a8a304340fb18cfab9028
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Version 4.3.2 - Translations and Fixes

* Updated Chinese (simplified and traditional) translations, courtesy of TUSama et al.
* Updated Korean translations, courtesy of red1854th
* Updated German translations, courtesy of Lemopav
* Update Russian translations, courtesy of DrHesperus
* Dire wolf pelt now changes the shape of the sixth sense markers rather than the colour, so you can actually tell the difference!
# Fixed a problem with the Russian translations, courtesy of WinDanesz
# Fixed a bunch of problems with syncing of spell properties
# Fixed issue #488, where crystal flower charm caused an infinite loop with plants that can be grown indefinitely
# Fixed issue #491, a crash when Village Names tried to name newly-spawned wizards
# Fixed issue #493, where conjured items would not disappear (and imbuements would not wear off) in the offhand
# Fixed issue #513 (also #567), a ConcurrentModificationException when casting lightning web, courtesy of SettingDust
# Fixed issue #519, where spells that freeze blocks were querying the wrong block
# Fixed issue #527, a syntax error in Chinese handbook translations
# Fixed issue #541, where the donor perk element would appear to reset on game restart
# Fixed issue #551, where wizardry's player animations caused a crash with mods that have custom player renderers - animations are now fully compatible with custom player renderers, with a few specific exceptions such as MoBends
# Fixed issue #563, where casting ice spells on Lycanite's mobs would cause rendering glitches and crashes
# Fixed issue #565, a mod compatibility issue with the wizard trade GUI
# Fixed issue #566, where invalid spell HUD skins in the config would crash the game when using the skin selection GUI
# Fixed issue #576, where the imbuement altar would delete its contents when activated or deactivated by placing or removing receptacles
# Fixed issue #580, where arcane lock would occasionally start triggering twice for some blocks, preventing locking/unlocking

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