EE3 Helper

110,218 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 29, 2018 Game Version: 1.7.10

 "Addon" for Equivalent Exchange 3 to simplify/streamline the addition/assignment of, and removal of EMC values, and provides the user with a way to invoke EE3's DynamicEMC calculation/recalculation on-demand.


This mod won't do anything if you don't have Equivalent Exchange 3.

Tested with EE3 (1.7.10)

Tested with 0.3.0 release from the EE3 GitHub (5/13/2016)




This mod adds several OP-level commands:

All commands must be preceded by 'ee3h'

ee3h <sub-command> <parameters>


Regen - Forces EE3 to recalculate EMC values.

AddItem - Assigns an EMC value to an item by ID or name.

AddItemRange - Assigns an EMC value to a range of items by ID and DMG.

AddOre - Assigns an EMC value to an ore by name.

AddOreRange - Assigns an EMC value to all of the OreDict entries of an item.

AddFluid - Assigns an EMC value to a fluid by name.

IdItem - Lists all relevant information about a specified item.


'regen' must be executed after all additions/removals for your changes to be reflected.


Note: you can do multiple changes before doing regen. 


Lengthy documentation of all commands available in this thread: Minecraft Forum 





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