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Ecology Mod is a Minecraft mod that makes you care about consequences of your technical development.


The mod adds an environmental pollution system: pollution sources and effects.


Tile Entities and mechanics from Minecraft produces pollution which accumulates in chunks and diffuses to the neighbors.


Pollution Sources, for example, are:

  • Furnace
  • Open Fire
  • Explosions
  • Rubbish (Dropped items)
  • etc.

As the pollution accumulates in the chunks, it triggers various pollution effects, such as:

  • Smog (a thick poisonous fog)
  • Food Pollution (food poisoned by the pollution)
  • Extinction of Animals/Fish
  • Death of trees
  • Acid Rain
  • etc.

The full list of pollution effects and further information about them can be found on the mod wiki page about pollution effects.


Pollution also can be reduced by negative pollution sources, such as:

  • Tree Growing
  • Tree Leaves

Further information about the mod's main mechanic as well as the sources list can be found on the wiki:


To access and deal with the environmental pollution the mod provides some blocks and items:

  • Pollution Filter, which reduces nearby blocks pollution emissions (using RF/Forge energy).
  • Advanced Filter, which reduces the chunk pollution (also using RF/Forge energy)
  • Analyzer, which retrieves information about the chunk pollution and active pollution effects in the chunk.
  • Respirator, which is used to filtrate the air, the player breathe, thus protecting him from air pollution effects.

Recipes and further information about blocks/items (wiki) as well as pictures


To make the mod more flexible there are some console commands in the mod.


At the moment Ecology Mod is translated into the following languages:

  1. English
  2. Russian
  3. Chinese (by xhz313123)

If you are a modder and you want to interact with EcologyMod or you want to help its development:


The mod Github repository

Issue Tracker(send your crashes here)


The mod MinecraftForum page


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