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(1.6.2) Eat the animals

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With this mod, you can eat animals by hit them with the iron fork, or right-klick on them with the wooden fork or the iron fork. The mod is compatible with all mod's which add new Mobs so you can eat them too.

Features: If you hit an animal with the wooden fork, it will not regenerate hunger or health.

If you hit an animal with the iron fork, you will get one heart back.

If you right-klick on an animal with the wooden fork/ iron fork, it will regenerate 0,5/1,5 hunger.

You can use the wooden fork 10 times and the iron fork 20 times.

There are also some special effects, for example: if you eat a part of a spider or a cavespider you will be poisoned.

There are also some non-eatable creatures, like the Skeletons.

You can change the ID's of the fork's in a .properies file. File location: .minercraft/config/Eat the animals.properties

The server owner can switch cannibalism on and off

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by x2Robbie2x

by CallofmygunGamer

by Genetalian

(Feel free to make your own video about this mod)

How to install on Windows:

Mods folder compatible

(Download the mod, and Risugamis ModLoader from here(if you don't have it already).

If you wana play the multiplayer version you have to download ModLoaderMp from here and put it also into the minecraft.jar)
For version 1.4.7 or higher just install Minecraft Forge

Navigate to your ".minecraft" folder by pressing WINDOWS+R or typing run is the search bar and entering "%appdata%" without the quotation marks.

Go to your bin folder, and by using a program like 7-Zip or WinRar, open up the archive and copy Risugamis Modloader files from the .zip into the minecraft.jar. Dont forget to delete the META-INF folder.

Now go back to the .minecraft folder, and copy the mod into the mods folder(if the folder doesnt exist, run the game and it will create the folder), or you open up the mod and put all files into the minecraft.jar

Now close everything and run minecraft, EAT THEM!!!

How to install on a minecraft server

Download the minecraft_server.jar from here, (ModLoaderMp from here).
For version 1.4.7 or higher just install Minecraft Forge

Download the mod
Open the minecraft_server.jar with something like WinRar or 7zip
Don't delete the Meta-Inf
(Put ModLoaderMp files and the mod files into the minecraft_server.jar)
And now run it and eat them with your friends.[/spoiler]


Iron Fork:
Wooden Fork:
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/58920433/Crafting (1).png

Special effects:

If you eat a Creeper, there will be an explosion 4 blocks over it!
If you eat an Enderman you will get the blindness potioneffect and you will teleport to you a diffrent location!
If you eat a Spider you will be poisoned!
If you eat a Cavespider you will be poisoned and you will get the hunger effect, the slowness effect and the confusions effect!
If you eat a Zombie you get poisoned!
If you eat a Blaze you will burn!
If you eat a Snowman you get poisoned or Brainfreezeing!

If you have ideas for another effect, please post it in a comment


Iron Golem

Patch Notes:

Player burn effect added to the Blaze (idea by GLuigiX)
More potion effects added to the cavespider (idea by Chickenemoman1)
The Snowgolem now is eatable(idea by augizzz999 and Dylan4ever)
There is a possibly of giving you Brainfreeze(idea by Dylan4ever)
There is a possibly of poisoning by the yellow snow(idea by jaxy15)
Potion effects are now longer.
If you eat a part of an animal it will be slower.
Right-klick a Zobie wouldn't let the game crash anymore.
Right-klick a Snowman wouldn't let the game crash anymore.
Added Multiplayer version.
Fixed bad porting funktion.
Added 1.3.1 SSP Version.
Added 1.3.2 SSP Version.
Added 1.3.1 SMP Version.
Added 1.3.2 SMP Version.
Added 1.4.7 Version (Forge)
Added 1.5 Version (Forge)
Added 1.5.1 Version (Forge)
Added 1.5.2 Version (Forge)


Potion effects are to short.(reportes by WhiteAlcatrazMart)(fixed)
Bad porting funktion(if you eat an enderman).(fixed)
If you right-klick a zombie the game will crash.(reported by TeamBurningCloud)(fixed)
If you right-klick a snowman the game will crash./reported by KylzQ)(fixed)

if you know another bug, please post it in a comment