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This simple mod adds some information bars to the top left of your screen. I often find myself wanting this information, but the F3 debug screen has way more data than I care to see, hence this mod!

Available information bars:

Coordinates - your current X/Y/Z coordinates, enabled by default.

Light level - the current light level at your current position, disabled by default.

Facing - the direction you are currently facing (north/east/south/west), disabled by default.

Looking at - the name of the block you are looking at, disabled by default.

Biome - the current biome you are stood in, disabled by default.

Works with Fabric on Minecraft 1.14.4 - other versions untested but may work.

You can configure the mod using commands. In order for commands to work, you'll also need to install this mod. If you don't want to install that mod, you can manually edit the config/easycoords/config.json5 inside your minecraft install directory. The options map up to the commands below and should be fairly self explanatory. Make sure you run Minecraft with the mod first in order to generate the config file!


/ec toggle {bar} - toggles the specified information bar. Options are: coords, light_level, facing, looking_at, biome

/ec disable - hides everything, regardless of the toggle status. Your other settings are preserved.

/ec enable - re-enables the UI after it was disabled. Any information bars you have hidden will remain that way.

/ec position {position} - adjusts the positioning of the information bars. Options are: left, center, right


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