Easy Spikes

8,326 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 5, 2022 Game Version: 1.19.2   +1
NOTE : Easy Spikes was killing the Items too. We fixed it in version 1.2.0!
You will need VR Library for minecraft version 1.18.2 or higher.
You will need MXLib for version 1.0.2 to 1.2.0.

Adds some spikes to your game that deals damage to entity!

Easy Spikes made by Vuserr, you can check author's CurseForge account.
If you want to use Easy Spikes in a modpack feel free to use with giving credit
If you have any issue about anything about Easy Spikes type it to comments or let us know from discord server

EasySpikes Information
There are 8 types of spikes in version 1.2.2

- Stone Spike (
Damage : 1), (Don't have any special ability)
- Iron Spike (
Damage : 2), (Don't have any special ability)
- Golden Spike (
Damage : 4), (Don't have any special ability)
- Diamond Spike (
Damage : 5), (Don't have any special ability)
- Bedrock Spike (
Damage : 10), (Can't be obtained in Gamemode Survival)
- Obsidian Spike (Damage : 4), (Gives Poison effect for 3 seconds [If entity stays on the spike it will be longer] to entity)
- Lava Spike (
Damage : 4), (Burns the entity for 5 seconds [If entity stays on the spike it will be longer])

- Emerald Spike (Damage : 7), (Don't have any special ability)

EasySpikes Crafts (For 1.2.2 or higher)

Stone Spike

Iron Spike

Golden Spike

Diamond Spike

Obsidian Spike

Lava Spike

Emerald Spike


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