Easy Home Wand

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Easy Home Wand
Easy Home Wand

Easy Home Wand is a relatively easy to obtain item mod which allows you to set multiple teleportation coordinates (homes). Equipped with custom sounds, textures and recipes.

To set a home, you must right click with the wand (which will activate a foil.)

To teleport to a home, you must left click on a wand with a home set. You will be given Teleport Fatigue, which prevents you from using the wand for 5 minutes. This is a mob effect which can be removed with a bucket of milk.

Teleportation Crystal

Crafting recipe for Teleportation Crystal

Teleportation Wand

Crafting recipe for Teleportation Wand

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Thank you to Orin Knight who provided German localization, there currently exists an English, German and French translation.


Git repository available on GitHub

If you like the mod, make sure to support it on CurseForge, it helps a lot.


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