Dynamic Trees

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Filename DynamicTrees-1.12.2-0.9.23.jar
Uploaded by supermassimo0310
Uploaded Apr 3, 2021
Game Version Forge
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MD5 44518d8164bfdb02184630834aaef84e
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New Features:
- Added functionality for the type selector to negate biomes using '!' in JSON worldgen.
- Added validLeavesBlocks and validBranches system to trees allowing Addons to configure multiple blocks to be rendered during tree felling animation. (Back-ported from 1.16.5)
- Added colorTreeQuads method on species to allow Addons to customize the coloring of tree quads.
- Added showSpeciesOnWaila method on Species to allow addons to toggle the waila display if needed. (Back-ported from 1.16.5)
- Added Waila display handler for rooty water blocks.
- Added setMegaSpecies mehtod on species class to allow Addons to add Mega variants to existing species. (Back-ported from 1.16.5)
Bugs Fixed:
- Added dimensionForceGeneration predicate to fix an issue where sky-like dimensions would not generate trees under certain circumstances.