Dynamic Trees

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The Potion Update

  • Added tree specific brew-able potions (Dendro Potions) to replace the current confusing potion method.
  • The potion of burgeoning(fast growth) effect now lingers for 80 seconds on the tree for continuous growth.
  • Added new potion of transformation to change an already grown tree into another tree species.
  • Potions are brewed in a brewing stand in 1.10.2+
  • Potions are crafted from awkward potions in 1.7.10(No realistic way to add real brewing stand recipes in 1.7.10)
  • Seeds can be placed in flower pots to make little "bonsai" trees
  • Branches are now classed as wood(isWood() returns true)  for mods expecting proper tool interaction(like Better Beginnings)
  • Fixed bug where vanilla leaves blocks adjacent to dynamic leaves blocks would cause a crash
  • Added Dirt bucket item for exchanging vanilla saplings to seeds and vice-versa.  No more wasting dirt blocks.  Empty Dirt Bucket out like a water bucket to get your dirt and bucket back.
  • Started API interface for adding modded trees.
  • Created backport functions for 1.7.10 to ease the addition of features universally.
  • Created substance interface for potions and other things.
  • Created IBiomeSuitabilityDecider interface and registry for mods wishing to override what determines the biome suitability of a tree.(TerraFirmaCraft)
  • Fixed DynamicSapling rendering bug in 1.7.10