Dynamic World

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Dynamic World is a mod that adds some structures and features to your Minecraft world to make it more dynamic and alive. (logo by choph09)

These include:

    Ancient buildings: towers, ruins, altars...

♦    Houses, ponds, bunkers...

    Fossils, totems...

    Palm trees, desert islands, fallen trees...

    ....and much more you will have to find out for yourself

Almost all of them have a reward in the form of blocks or custom loot tables, just explore to find out!


New Small UpdateAdded configuration file, along with a new structure: the wagon (model by jollyolsport_rblxand some bug fixes, see changelog for more information



♦   Some structures have many variations and change appearance in different biomes (they will be built with sandstone in the desert, with stone in the plains, with ice in cold biomes... you get the idea)

♦   It works with world generation mods such as Biomes O'Plenty, Terraforged and others.


Modpacks and license:

You can use this mod in a free to play modpack, but you must credit. No rehost is allowed.


Planned features:

This mod will continue to get updates with new structures, features and gameplay options. These are the ones currently planned:

•   Dungeons with powerful mobs and custom loot

•   More variations to current structures

•   Oasis in the desert (taking advantage of the new palm tree)

•   Underground villages


Here are some screenshots from features of the mod:


Hunter house




Watch Tower



 New tree: Palm Trees! (with new wood type)

Palm wood exhibition

 Features to make the world more beautiful and alive:


Desert islands


Underground Pond


Altars and totems:

Portal altar

Ancient Totem



Note: If you have any issue or want to suggest something to be added let me know, you might see your own structure in the mod :)


Note 2: This mod has not been tried on a server.

However, you can post in the issues tab if you have any issue and I will try to solve it.


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