Dynamic Trees - Heat and Climate Compat

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Dynamic Trees - Heat and Climate Compat

Add Dynamic versions of Heat and Climate's trees


Dynamic Trees | Heat and Climate

I love the Heat and Climate mod. This is a simple compat mod that converts most of the trees in the Heat and Climate mod into Dynamic Trees that grow and spread.


Trees included:

  • Lemon
  • Olive
  • Mulberry

All trees have a chance to occasionally drop their corresponding fruit once they've reached full size.



This mod does not have it's own configuration file but respects Dynamic Trees configuration file. I recommend setting "Replace Vanilla Saplings" to true in order to easily get Dynamic Trees. Otherwise you will have to combine the regular Heat and Climate saplings with a dirt bucket to get the appropriate seeds.



 This mod requires Dynamic Trees 0.7.8+ and Heat and Climate 2.5.3+.


No need to ask permission, you may include it in any modpack.


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