Dynamic Trees | Forbidden and Arcanus



This mod makes Forbidden and Arcanus compatible with Dynamic Trees, adding dynamically growing versions of trees added by said mod, and fully replacing them during world generation.
The trees, their behaviour and their generation can be customized and tweaked through the use of Tree Packs.



Currently Included Trees:

  • Cherrywood
  • Mysterywood
  • Cherrywood
  • Mysterywood

World Gen: 

Dynamic Forbidden and Arcanus Trees generate in the world.


Other Addons

Dynamic Trees addons for other mods can be found in the Dynamic Trees curseforge page.

Suggestions and Requests:

To request a new mod for compatibility please do it here!! 
1.12: https://github.com/DynamicTreesTeam/DynamicTrees/issues/652
1.16: https://github.com/DynamicTreesTeam/DynamicTrees/issues/653
Any suggestions done in the curseforge comment section will NOT be taken into account (sorry!)




- Dynamic Trees for Minecraft 1.12.2
Forbidden and Arcanus for Minecraft 1.12.2

- Dynamic Trees for Minecraft 1.16.5
Forbidden and Arcanus for Minecraft 1.16.5


Licensing and Mod Packs


You can use this in any mod pack you'd like! No need to ask.
This mod has an MIT license and its source is public on github.