Dynamic Tooling

768 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 17, 2019 Game Version: 1.14.4


Note:  This is currently still under active development. It is being release now so as to allow for beta testing of the current progress.


Dynamic Tooling is a new mod that not only extends some 'nilla tools with those that work in a multi - block fashion,  but also (eventually) adds the ability to create custom new ones.  There are also a few helpful machines added in as well,  such as the Manual Mill,  and Redstone powered crafter!


Current (extended) tools that are available:
  • Excavator
  • Hammer
  • Adze -- strips a 3x3 area of wood and logs
  • Miner's Delight -- Mines a 1x3 vein,  and places torchs with right click


Current extras that are available:
  • Simple Storage Crate -- Holds 81 items (it's a tripple sized chest!)
  • Manual Mill --  Shift click to open GUI,  right click to grind items.  (Missing Animations)
  • Redstone Powered Auto Crafter (Almost Done)



Two new machines being tested.  Graphics still need updating.


Concrete Hydrator and Liquid / Lava Powered Furnace,  both with large reservoirs! 

Two New Machines!


Mod has been updated daily,  and recompiled and redistributed every several days so far.  We are working really hard to get a full blown release working and available to the community.  So please bear with us!


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