Dynamic Surroundings

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Aurora Borealis

Non-shader Aurora Borealis over a polar biome.

Calm Rain

Low intensity rainfall

Fire Jets

Fire Jets spawn over lava source blocks. They do not harm the player or any mobs. The height and duration is based on the number of lava source blocks beneath the fire jet.

Heavy Rain

Heavy intensity rainfall.

Light Snow

Light snowfall in a cold biome.

Water Ripples

When rain or water drops hit water ripples will be generated. A derpy squid photobombed the screenshot. v3.3.7.0+

Sand Storm

Sand Storms will occur in desert biomes when the dimension experience rainfall.

Steam Jets

Steam Jets will be generated around areas where lava meets water.


Water that flows downward can generate splash particle effects as well as sound. The splashes are larger if the water falls a greater distance.

Entity Chat

When enabled villagers as well as some mobs will say various things. These test subjects were not amused.

Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) spawn on the horizon when standing in a cold/snowy biome (v3.4.1.1 and after) Brightness is set to Moody, and I am using Biomes O'Plenty for world gen.


Fireflies spawn at sunset/night around flowers and tall plants while in a biome that isn't too dry or too hot. (The reason it is darker is because I have brightness set to Moody.)

Large Waterfall

Naturally generated waterfall that I discovered wandering around in my test world. (The clouds are generated by Weather2.)

Aurora Borealis using Shader

The bands of an aurora will be colored/animated using a shader if the computer system supports it. Feature available in v3.4.8.5+.

Fireflies at Night (Compitum Magia Modpack)

Fireflies are enhanced with Albedo.

Lava Lake in Compitum Magia

Testing some updates with Compitum Magia and came across this lava lake. It showcases steam jets, lava jets, and water splash particles from water falls. Not sure what that bat was thinking.

Shader Aurora in Taiga (Soartex Fanver Resource Pack)

Screenshot from my development sandbox for 1.10.2. I am using the Soartex Fanver resource pack.

A Funny moment Testing...

I was testing out some changes when this timely zombie chat pops up.

Morning Fog during a debug session

Morning Fog effect that occurs in early AM and ends after daybreak. v3.4.9.1+

Vanilla + Dynamic Surroundings in my private test world

My base in a Taiga and the aurora spawns at night.

Morning in Taiga Hills

Screenshot from a pack I am making. Taiga Hills, Dynamic Trees, Better Foliage, Serene Seasons, Early AM with a bit of fog.