Dynamaxe - the ultimate tree timber tool

22,719 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 12, 2021 Game Version: 1.18.1   +5
This mod allows the use of the Dynamaxe - the ultimate tool for breaking trees.

Showcase video : https://youtu.be/ghj-nDYG5C8

Why do you need a Dynamaxe?
-Supports Biomes o Plenty
-Fun and immersive timber mod
-Effective and Controlled destruction Algorithm to clear out the most massive and complex of trees.

The axe breaks Trees and their branches instantly after removing the first block.
Be carefull and keep your distance as the axe packs quite a punch.
You can craft the Axe for the price of 3 Diamonds and 3 TNT.

What the Axe does exactly:
-Check if targeted block is some kind of Log
-Trigger an explosion that doesnt change terrain but damages player if too close
-Break all blocks above the targeted blocks if they are of same kind


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