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Filename DungeonCrawl-1.18.2-2.3.8.jar
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Uploaded Apr 24, 2022
Game Version 1.18.2   +2
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- Added a nether theme similar to the one from roguelike dungeons
- The new nether theme, along with a few unused rooms, are now used for the last layer
- Also tweaked a variety of small things

2.3.7 - 1.18.2 Port
- Improved the terrain height detection around the entrance a bit
- The dungeon generation now takes the worlds min y into account
   when determining the amount of dungeon layers. This does NOT mean there will be more layers in general,
   but fixes an issue where dungeons would have less layers than normal due to them generating relatively far down
- The following settings are no longer part of the config file:
   * Dungeon Placement (spacing and separation)
   * Dungeon Placement Biomes (biome categories, whitelist and blacklist)
   * Dungeon Placement Dimensions (dimensions to generate in)
   All of these settings now have to be tweaked via datapacks uzilizing the new json structure system

2.3.7 - 1.18+ Only
- Added some more extensive terrain height checks around the dungeon entrance
- Dungeons now generate a little further down in general
- Added an option to enforce a fixed dungeon generation height
- Fixed a bug that prevented the starter room from generating sometimes

2.3.6 - 1.18 Only
- Lowered the dungeon generation height to avoid them generating too high in mountainous terrain
- Underwater pillars now have decorative stairs as well

- Most parts of the dungeon now generate through air and with pillars (experimental)
- Changed the theme of the last layer (experimental)
- Reduced the mob spawn rates in the last layer
- Made wither skeleton spawners less common (especially in the last layer)
- Nerfed and removed some mob potion effects
- Fixed the dungeon entrance sometimes getting cut off at chunk border

- Reduced the mob spawn rates in the first two layers
- Fixed the entrance staircase getting blocked off by pillars

- Reinstated lootr compatibility
- Improved entrance placement
   * Entrances will now have different rotations
- Various small loot tweaks
- Lowered the mob spawn rates and the amount of spawners in small loot rooms
- Added some corridor variants
- Tweaked the layer generator
   * Fixed an issue that caused the exit stairs of every layer to always be very close to it's entrance stairs.
   * Dungeon layers will now also tend to have more rooms. (Layers with very few rooms should be very rare now).

- Now compatible with TerraForged
- Added a dimension whitelist to the config
- Added options for biome whitelisting and blacklisting to the config
- Spacing/separation values in the config are now respected
- Fixed a crash when generating in unsuitable dimensions (#85)
- Fixed a rare crash during secret room generation (#86)

- Now compatible with Forge 37.0.22 and later (#83)
- No longer compatible with earlier Forge versions!

- Added four new entrances
- Introduced dungeon types, allowing for dungeons to have biome-specific traits and more
- Updated and added more rooms
- Theming changes (Theming related datapacks need to be updated!)
   * Removed theme randomizers
   * Theme mappings now map biomes to multiple themes with weights
   * Changed the theming folder structure
More information will be available on the wiki
- Updated the config
   * Removed the dungeon_probability option
   * Exposed the separation settings to the config, allowing for more control over how frequent dungeons appear
   * Added an option to disable secret room generation (#74)
- Dungeons now spawn in all world types (#73, #77)
- Dungeons no longer generate over unbreakable blocks (#70)
- Dungeons now generate in the correct generation stage (#70, #76)