Dumpster Diving

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Now with an official Discord server!  https://discord.gg/7GQHEGV


Huge thank you to laton95, LexManos and tterag on the Forge Project Discord for helping me get started with Forge Energy.


Reclaim, Reuse, Recycle!


The 'Dumpster Diving' mod allows you to scavenge for useful scraps and rummage for salvageable resources by digging through the 'Garbage Blocks' that this mod adds.


You can find a whole host of scraps that you will be able to process back into usable resources, including melting old cans back into tin ingots, processing old, worn out tires back into rubber, and breaking down broken circuit boards for their Redstone. You'll be able to salvage scraps to yield resources of Copper, Aluminum, Rubber, Tin, Leather, Iron, Gold and more! And all of these resources should be fully compatible with most other mods that use them!



Where can you find these Garbage blocks to start collecting scraps and salvage? Two places, the first is the Landfill biome this mod will add to your world, that has it both scattered across the biome and buried under large, squarish mounds.


The Landfill biome

 But watch out for the Living Scrap Metal ZOMBIES that can spawn here! They're tougher than normal Zombies and don't burn in sunlight, but certainly worth taking down! Since they're hoarding some of the best stuff!


If you're feeling a little more adventurous, you can find large cashes of Charred Garbage Blocks in the nether due to hedonistic villages using the nether as a dumping ground. Charred Garbage Blocks have a more narrow, lucrative yield, including scraps only found in it.



To get the most out of your salvage you'll want to craft the  Repurposers! Which are fully compatible is JEI/NEI's recipe list.


But I've only briefly covered the mod so be sure to check out the (Still in development) wiki!

You have my blessing to use this mod in any pack, on any platform, or on any launcher. Technic, FTB, Custom packs of multi-MC ect.


You may not host this mod for download from any other source except as part of a pack. Always link back to this page when sharing this mod with the intent that it be downloaded. Do not redistribute this mod unless as part of a pack! Link back to the curse Forge page.


Like wise I advise my players not to download this mod from any other source.


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