1,970 Downloads Last Updated: May 22, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Dumpster is a minimalistic mod that provides one block: dumpster. As its name implies, it can permanently void stuff - to be specific, it can void items and fluid.

So you use pipes/hoppers/other logistic devices to dump items and/or fluid into this block, and they will be deleted immediately, no exceptions. You will never be able to trace them back, either. 


But why choose this mod? I have already have [insert mod name] which has [insert block/item name].

  • This mod follows the idea of "do one thing and do it well."
    • As such, all this mod does is: add a block called dumpster which has the described functionality, as well as its item form.
  • This dumpster block can handles item voiding and fluid voiding simultaneously.
  • This dumpster block does NOT tick, although it still has a tile entity in order to accept items and fluid from its surroundings. As such, this mod minimizes performance impact on a server.
  • This mod is highly lightweight in terms of size.
    • As a drawback, the dumpster block does not have a GUI. There might be one in the future, but so far... sorry.
    • As a drawback, there is no recipe for this block. For now, you have to use tools like CraftTweaker to add a recipe for it. There might be a recipe in foreseeable future, with a config option to completely toggle it off.

Watch this short video for a visual guide on how to use this: https://streamable.com/7hvps. The dumpster block may be found at "Miscellaneous" section of creative inventory.



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