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Filename DummyCore-2.0.1710.0A.jar
Uploaded by _ForgeUser9083808
Uploaded Sep 14, 2015
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 162.11 KB
Downloads 23,280
MD5 cf66d5a565976cf976959df3b86b5d2b
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions
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Java 8
Java 7


This is an ALPHA version, and it will not work correctly! It might not work with current versions of DTTeam mods! Please, report bugs at DC's github!


[2.0]ASM Helper
[2.0]Such code cleanup, much delitions
[2.0]Added: Generic ContainerInventory(same as GuiBase, but for containers)
[2.0]Mod's creative tabs can now have a fixed ItemStack
[2.0]Added: If DC's asm crashes you - you can disable it in a custom .txt file
[2.0]Added some ASM related code
[2.0]Added: DummyCore will print known big ASM modifiers at the crashreport
[2.0]Code cleanup, a helping var of MC's directory
[2.0]Changed: DummyCore now uses a custom object to determine the mod instead of bunch arrays.
[2.0]Moving all render related methods to DrawUtils
[2.0]Added: You can now turn off the custom main menu feature
[2.0]Changed the way DC's data storage works from .cfg to NBT
[2.0]Added: You can now turn off the custom main menu feature [2.0]Scheduled Action API
[2.0]Added: DC now can render .gif animations on your screen using OpenGL
[2.0]Such code cleanup, much delitions
[2.0]Added: the ability to add your own main menus via a simple txt file
[2.0]Such code cleanup, much delitions
[2.0]Added: A simple API to notify something went wrong at the loading stage
[2.0]Changed all lists && hashtables to final
[2.0]Added: A Version checker for your mods(will notify a player if he has an outdated version of the mod)
[2.0]Added: Some Proxy functions
[2.0]Changed: Notifier now switched to using apache's Logger - allows for more control
[2.0]Added: Scheduled action API
[2.0]Added: Structure API(load structure from file, set it into world or compare structure in world)
[2.0]Added the ability to work with MC's timer