Duck Craft

102,216 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 21, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2  

This mod adds ducks and other duck related items and foods.

As of 1.11.2 Duckcraft now contains my old mod Helpful Changes, Helpful Changes was a mod that added functions that I felt were need in modpacks. All the thinks Helpful Changes adds to the game can be disabled in the configs. 









Thank You Suited Gaming for the fun video!

 Some integration is missing in the 1.10.2 versions

If Pam's HarvestCraft is installed the recipes for food items will change.

If BOP is added Helpful Changes will work with all scythe and mud armor.-not in 1.12

If TiC is installed Duck feather fetching is add and duck jerky can be made on a drying rack. 

If SimpleCorn is installed ducks eat kernels and duck corn chowder is added.

I would recommend using J.E.I. to find the recipes


Duck's can spawn in any Biome that is lush or by water(works with modded biomes too)


Upcoming integration


More foods

Hidden secret project


I plan to add more thing and integration to other mods in the future. I'm open to suggestions for mods and items to add.



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