6,246 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 29, 2015 Game Version: 1.7.10

Requires CoFH Lib (comes with CoFH Core) to be installed

I needed a simple drill mod for my upcoming modpack/server, so I decided to create my own as I couldn't find something simple that fit the bill. I decided to release it and this is the result.

The drills function in a similar fashion to the IC2 drills, but run on RF.


  • Thermal Expansion recipes
    • If you have Thermal Expansion installed, the drills will use Thermal Expansion items in the recipe
    • Thermal Expansion recipes can be disabled in the config
  • Armourer's Workshop animated models (configurable)
    • If you have Armourer's Workshop installed, you will see fancy animated models in place of the drill texture
    • Armourer's Workshop models can be disabled in the config
  • 2 drill tiers
    • Store 80,000 RF and use 500 RF per block broken (configurable)
    • Iron - Functions the same as an iron pickaxe
    • Diamond - Functions the same as a diamond pickaxe


  • A 3rd drill tier - Will be a bit harder to craft but will have a faster mining speed and perhaps a few other useful features


Standard textures:


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