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What is Dreadsteel?

Dreadsteel is a mod based around pushing higher end game armor compared to Ice and Fire's Dragonsteel sets.

Dreadsteel armor can be crafted from Dreadsteel ingots, which by default can be crafted by using Dread Shards and one of each Dragonsteel Ingot: Ice, Fire, and Lightning.


Armor values are as the following:

Helmet: 10 Armor - 8 Toughness - 25% Knockback Res.

Chestplate: 15 Armor - 8 Toughness - 25% Knockback Res.

Leggings: 12 Armor - 8 Toughness - 25% Knockback Res.

Boots: 9 Armor - 8 Toughness - 25% Knockback Res.

When wearing the full set you will gain immunity to damage from Lightning, Fire and Spikes.

(Spikes refer to anything that deals cactus damage, such as Ice Dragon spikes)

Weapon values are as the following:

Scythe: 50 Damage - 1.6 Attack Speed - While Attacking: Summon a magical spinning blade, piercing all enemies and armor on hit.

Shield: While Blocking: Incinerates all projectiles and burns melee attackers.


All Dreadsteel items have infinite durability and their attack/defense values can be changed via a config file.

All items can also be dyed into 4 different color variations using dye kits!


Can I use this without Ice and Fire?

Yes, if you'd like to. Without Ice and Fire though, you'll need to create and add crafting recipes for the items.

Can I use this in a modpack?

Yeah, go crazy.

How do I get the items in 1.18+?

Since Ice and Fire has not updated the ingot doesn't have a crafting recipe. You can make one yourself with mods like Crafttweaker.


Mod Credits:

Mindoth - Code

Union - Models / Textures



Click show below to see all items, color variations and their crafting recipes.



 CAUTION! From Minecraft version 1.19.2 and onward you need to install Shadowizardlib.