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Drawer mod adds Drawers to the game with wooden variants & also stripped wooden variants & also stripped wooden. 

The mod also adds screws & a painting to the game

There are also stripped versions of the drawer

All blocks & items

(All blocks & items)

Drawer works with ForgeFabricQuiltNeoforge.

Quilt version reqiures Quilted Fabric API

 Crafting/Smelting Recipe

The crafting recipe are 7 screws any plank & any log/stem

the crafting recipe

the crafting recipe for stripped drawers

The smelting recipe 1 iron nugget

📃 Credits

Credit to Aesterial-Arts for the open & close sounds

Open & close sounds are licensed as CC BY 4.0

This mod was created using MCreator

🔗 Links



Drawer mod is Open Source! 🎉 to visit GitHub repo, click here

Check out the Official website

Join my Discord Server