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NOTE: This mod is no longer being maintained, due to a file corruption glitch, which wiped my entire HDD, including any source code i had for this Project. It should still work in most cases, however i won't be able to provide any assistance with bugs you may find. Use at your own discretion.

(v1.1.2 is more of a workaround than anything, and only fixes Serverside issues. If you only want to play Singleplayer with this, stick to v1.1)


This is a simple mod that adds an item called "Dragon Wings".

These work very much like an elytra, but a) i thought they looked better, and b) don't require infinite fireworks to fly.


Simply equip a dragon head and you will constantly get the same effect fireworks would do.

(There is a config option for the dragon to drop his head)



This mod is mostly final, and i don't really plan on updating it, unless there is a gamebreaking bug.

(It was originally made for personal use, so i didn't really have the motivation to do hours of "how could i break this thing now?")


PS: I know the wings are slightly off, but as i already mentioned, i didn't really want to spend tons of hours troubleshooting.


 As of Version 1.1 you can now imbue the Wings and Head onto your armor (Chestplate / Helmet respectively).


This is done at an anvil, with a configurable cost, set to 20 by default, and should work with any modded and vanilla armors. (If there is one that doesn't work, please let me know, and i might add support for it) It should also not break anything, as it gives you a copy of the Armor Item with added NBT.


To take the Wings/Head off again, simply sneak + left-click the air with the chestplate/helmet in your main hand. This will not give you your levels back, however it can be very useful if you want to change armor, or use your armor for crafting.



After managing to recover some of the Project files, I rewrote the entire mod, meaning that as of version 1.1.2 (most) Serverside issues SHOULD be gone. Since v1.1.1 is more of a workaround than the other versions, and I have moved on to other projects, I cannot guarantee that i will be able to fix any issues should they arise.