Dragon Survival [Forge]

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Filename DragonSurvival-1.16.5-0.0.47.jar
Uploaded by BlackAuresArt
Uploaded Nov 19, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +1
Size 2.78 MB
Downloads 7,132
MD5 8137483feee3954fbedaf87a458dd720
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Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


- fixed water not rendering in first person;
- fixed dragon not rendering in first person;
- fixed off-hand item rendering;
- fixed sea dragon getting speedup from air blocks;
- added option to toggle prince/princess spawning;
- added Ukrainian language;
- glowing skin support (example: Horeak_adult_glow.png);
- cave dragons now take damage when consuming any items in the config list "drinkingItems" which includes potions, water bottles, milk buckets and honey bottles by default;
- cave dragons also take damage when hit by snowballs or splash water bottles;
- flying now uses hunger at about the same rate as running;
- made charged soup grant water protection for cave dragons;
- config items that deal damage to each kind of dragon when consumed;
- leather armor now renders the dye colors;
- added command: /dragon human, /dragon cave 1 true Player;
- added auto complete for the dragon_stage argument to make it easier;
- added config option for creative like flight;

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