Dragon Gear

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I'd appreciate if someone would be so kind as to volunteer to make a logo for this, Graphic Design is not my passion


This mod allows you to use various materials from Ice and Fire for Silent Gear. The new materials are as follows:

-Elemental Dragon Bloods (as Coatings),


-Witherbone (rod)

-Deathworm Chitin (armor)

-Dragon Scale (armor)

-Phantasmal Ingot (coating)


-Deathworm Chitin

-Myrmex Chitin

-Serpent Scales (armor)

-Troll Leather (armor)



Special thanks to the artist of Ice and Fire, Raptorfarian, for letting me adapt some textures for use in Dragon Gear.


Preemptive FAQ:

Will you backport this to x.y.z?

No, but you are able to if you really want; the mod is open-source.


Is this overpowered?


What about Ice and Fire's Gems?

Probably won't add those, because they overlap with Silent Gems.


I changed Dragonsteel's stats in the Ice and Fire config, why didn't it change Dragon Gear's?

This is because my stats are not dependent on that config. You can override them with datapacks, just like any other SilentGear material. https://github.com/SilentChaos512/Silent-Gear/wiki/Materials






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