Dragon Block All

27,296 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 12, 2019 Game Version: 1.7.10

     Note this mod is VERY dependent on the Dragon Block C Mod currently but i will make a copy of this mod that can run without Dragon Block C.

    The mod adds in 70 mobs, multiple tools, and soon food and dimensions. Mobs include mostly Tournament of Power people and Revival of F and some others but more will be added when their models are fixed.

    Tools include Power Pole which is currently just a multi tool and a red stone block generator (that part is a bug from what it is supposed to do). Angel Staff which currently is just a multi tool that mines stuff incredibly fast and should instantly mine blocks. but soon it will be able to take players to any vanilla dimension and later on dimensions in the mod. Also warning the instantly mine feature also allows players to mine bedrock. Then there is a Ki Sword. a sword that is made from exp bottles and does 100 damage on its own. but has the ability than when you right click the ground with the sword it gives you brief moments with a strength boost. eventually the sword will be recoded and run on experience levels or more bottles of experience. also a Ki Gun that again will run on experience levels like the sword.

    Food that will be included are going to be pizza, ramen, and a few other surprise foods that you may remember were very special in the series. 

    Dimensions that will be included are U6 Sadala, U6 Earth, U6 Namek. and U6 Tournament Arena. and the possibility of Heaven but i don't think that will be added this year.

     If i didn't mention mac users may experience issues in the mod. these issues include wooden and stone tools becoming invisible along with spawn eggs and a few other items. i am a windows user so i don't know how macs run so i cannot fix it. So that is currently all that is added and some of what is planned to be added or changed in my mod. If you have any issues or suggestions to the mod please tell me in the comment and i will see what i can do.

     Also here is the mods discord Dragon Block All's discord

      and Dragon Block All's Website 

Jingames Post this way you can keep up on the news of the mod and communicate with other dragon block all players


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