Don't Starve Mobs

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This mod aims to add mobs that are inspired from Klei's Don't Starve. Currently, there are 7 new mobs added that have their own unique features. I hope you enjoy this mod and that it adds some more character to your Minecraft worlds. Mod is available for Forge 1.19.2 and a beta version is available for Forge 1.19.4. Please exercise caution when using beta builds on your worlds and use backups. 


Don't Starve Mobs

Mush gnome - Mush gnomes are cave-dwelling creatures. If attacked, mush gnomes will produce several glowing spores and run away. These spores are volatile and will explode shortly after being spread! It will drop a Moon Shroom on death, which is edible.


Willow - Willow is a friendly mob that loves to make fires! She is immune to fire damage and will make fires at random or when hurt. If you hold a flint and steel, she will become interested and follow you. Upon death, she will drop a piece of charcoal. Spawns during the day.


Bernie - Bernie is Willow's best friend and will always spawn next to her. He keeps a watchful eye on her and will attack you if she is hurt within his sight.


Smallbird - These birds do not spawn normally in the world and must be hatched from a Tallbird egg. If the egg is placed on the floor next to a campfire, a Smallbird will hatch. They can be told to sit or follow and will attack your targets.


Tallbird - Tallbirds are aggressive and will attack you if you violate their personal space. Upon their death, they have a chance of dropping a Tallbird egg. You can either cook it or hatch it for a Smallbird. They spawn during the day. 


Tallclops - While not original to the games, I thought this would be fun to make. Upon feeding a Deerclops a Moon Shroom at very low health, it will mutate into a Tallclops. Tallclops is a mash-up between Deerclops and a Tallbird and will fight by spawning in enemy Tallbirds and Smallbirds. It drops an edible Clops Eye on death.


Deerclops - A boss that spawns rarely at night at snowy locations. That being said, Deerclops is able to naturally traverse powder snow. Upon being attacked, it will shortly summon ice spikes to damage and slow nearby enemies. It would be best to avoid these attacks and go in for the hit. Upon death, a Clops Eye will drop. This eye's only current use is that it will provide regeneration when eaten.