Dolt's Awesome Tweaks


This mod changes other mods for my modpack. Requires brewing and chewing, farmer's delight, nether's delight, supplementaries, and sully's mod. Optionally you can have Fish in Planks, Anchor by Moonflower, neapolitan, auditory, map atlas, environmental, boatload, caverns and chasms, and every single other abnormals mods which add wood types. The following is a comprehensive list of every change added by this mod. 

All of these are CONFIGURABLE

  • Tipsy from brewing and chewing is now a tiny nausea effect that scales up in magnitude as the tipsy increases. 
  • Oranges in Atmospheric can no longer be stomped to release magic riptide gas. 
  • Crops now drop XP. You can configure the xp amount. Defaults 0 to 1, averaging 0.5 xp per crop.
  • Processing a supplementaries quiver using a FD cutting board will now drop all of its arrows onto the ground as well. A cutting recipe for quivers has been added. 
  • Fungus colonies from Nether's Delight now grow on rich soil instead of on rich soul soil. This is done so I can remove rich soul soil from my modpack. 
  • Wanderer's Boots from environmental will spawn on mobs in a chance proportional to the distance that mob is from the origin. The precise chances involves the gaussian distribution but it will increase don't worry. 
  • Lanternfish Barrel, art by Carmen, when you have both sully's mod and fish in planks installed. 
  • Iron, Gold, Silver ore from caverns and chasms, jade ore from sully's mod, and copper ores will all drop xp now. More ores can be added in a tag. 
  • If a lightning bolt strikes a jukebox playing a music disc underground, it will spawn the Epilogue disc from anchor inside. 
  • A Bounding enchantment has been added to map atlases, causing them to stay in your inventory when you die. 
  • You can now un-till farmland by sneak-clicking a hoe on them. Also works with rich soil farmland. I disabled tramping in my modpack, so this is in case you want to get rid of farmland without breaking them. 
  • Sturdy Deepslate, a 3x3 storage block for of cobbled deepslate, has been added. Like quark sturdy stones, these can't be pushed around by pistons. 
  • Sully's mod will no longer append a tooltip to all polishable grindstone blocks (WHY)
  • Farmer's Delight knives can no longer receive efficiency or silk touch from the enchanting table.
  • Dispensers can now use cauldrons. Any interactions with cauldrons will work, including undying leather armor, milkshakes from neapolitan, golden buckets, all that good stuff. 
  • In compatibility with some of Auditory's features, a sound will now play when placing down abnormals boats (boatload included) and dispenser minecarts from supplementaries. A chomp sound will be made when eating neapolitan's cakes. These features will automatically disable when auditory is not loaded, since you can't configure anything in auditory anyways. 

Happy gaming!