Dynamic Liquid Tanks

21,539 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 7, 2015 Game Version: 1.7.10

Dynamic Liquid Tanks is a mod that is based upon storing liquids in Minecraft in a limitless combination using multi-block structures, so that they look just the way that you want them to! These tanks can be customized in almost any way that pleases you. Do you want your tank to be a triangle? It can be! Do you want your tank to be odd or even length? It can be! Do you want your tank to camouflage and appear to be a diamond block? It can be! Do you want some simple hiding lava lighting? This is for you! These multi-block tanks give you a bonus size for each additional tank that is attached to the core and have absolutely no size limit! Wah?!?!

Change Log


  • Fixed a crash with Liquid XP that would render the world unloadable.
  • 2 or more water source blocks around a tank controller causes the controller to become an infinite water source.
  • 1 inventory, 1 water source block and 1 lava source block around a tank controller causes the tank controller to become a cobblestone generator.


  • Rewrote tank search algorithm. Tanks are now found x10 quicker and much more efficiently.
  • Tank blocks no longer tick, i.e. they are a dummy TileEntities and as such use very very little memory.
  • Tanks will now only display connected textures if they have a Controller. This way you can see what is wrong or if your time is misformed.
  • Fixed a sync issue.
  • Controller now displays percent empty.
  • Russian translation added.


Tank Controller

  • The main block behind this mod. Without it you have nothing. This is the brain behind each multiblock structure. By default it has 16800 mB of storage space, it can be increased by adding more tanks.

Tank Block

  • This is a block that will display the fluids that are inside of it, adding it to part of the multiblock tank will increase the capacity. If it is part of a tank, it will form connected textures, if not you should clearly beable to notice.

Liquid Manager

  • This is a block that acts as an interface to any other tank from any other mod. Simply connect this block to the other tanks with Piping. This block can be powered with RF power or with lava. It will use 10 RF per tick or 10mB of lava per second, this lava must be stored in an adjacent tank.

Remote Manager

  • A sort of ender tank, it allows for fluids to be transported to a remote location but not cross-dimensionally. It must be linked to another remote manager with a Matter Link.


  • A way to transfer fluids from one tank to another it will do so at a rate of 10mB per tick and can export multiple fluids across a single piping network. It must be connected to a tank face via the Matter Link.


  • A way to form a network for the communication between various blocks, see earlier block descriptions for info.

Fluid Storage

  • Upon clicking on any tank, the contents of that tank will be emptied into this portable fluid storage cell. If can then click on another tank and it will empty the contents from this device to that tank.

The Mechanics

  • Camouflage - Tank and Controller Blocks can be camouflaged to look like any block, modded or not. To do so, simple SNEAK + LCLICK while holding the block that you wish the tank to appear as.
  • Colouring - Tanks and Controller Blocks can be coloured as well. This is done the same as camouflage except you hold the die colour that you wish to use.
  • Any size, any shape, infinite combinations - there is no limit to these multi-tanks except that each tank block must be touching the Controller block in some way. Once the structure is properly formed, the tank blocks will go from their "normal" texture to a connected textured appearance.


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