Divine Favor

85,902 Downloads Last Updated: May 24, 2021 Game Version: 1.12.2

Divine favor is a mod centered around spirits and spell casting.


This mod requires Forgelin, Patchouli and Auto Network Lib.


Mod features 9 themed spirits, and each one of them offers several powerful talismans. Talisman is an item that allows player to cast spells. To use talismans you will have to gain favor of the spirit to whom it belongs. Contact spirits, trade with them, gain favor and harness spiritual power.

 Main image


Mod contains ingame guidebook called Immaterial guide. You can craft this book like this:

Immaterisl guide crafting


Mod features

1) More then a hundred different spells


2) Bubbly baths

Bubbly baths


3) Unique contact ritual for each spirit

Ender pumpkin


4) Multiblock structures (spirit altars, soulbound lecterns)

Altar of loon


Altar of neblaze


Soulbound lecterns

5) Crafting mechanic based on trading with spirits at the respective altar (With jei support)


5) Ingame guide book

Immaterial medium

6) Convinient hud

Scroll hud


Select hud

7) All items have short description in jei


8) Lots of configurability via config files and CraftTweaker support

With CraftTweeker you can add or remove spirit trading recipes.
You can add new recipe to an altar you need to use following command:
mods.DivineFavor.addMediumRecipe(<minecraft:dirt>,[<divinefavor:calling_stone_arbow>],[<minecraft:grass>, <ore:treeLeaves>]);
First parameter is the result of a recipe. Second is spirits invite, which determines at which spirits altar it can be traded. Third parameter is a list of ingredients. Recipe cannot have more then 7 ingredients.

You can remove existing recipe with following command:

This command accepts item id for item which recipes should not be loaded.


McJty - Thanks for the modding tutorial, it really helped to get me started in modding. His other projects also helped to learn modding.
Vazkii - Developer of mod Patchouli used by me for a guidebook. Also his open source projects helped to learn modding.
Angry-Pixel - Huge thanks for caving rope from their mod Betweenlands. I really liked it so i created several items based on this rope in my mod.
SlimeKnights - Thanks for Tinkers source i was able to figure out how to create delayed tasks like not instant tree chopping.
EPIIC_THUNDERCAT - His project Tameable Mobs helped me figure out how to work with mob entities and their AI
Lothrazar - His project Cyclic helped me figure out how to create my own potions and potion effects.
Direwolf20 - Some of my items use his block outline and block rendering code from his mod BuildingGadgets
Darkhax - Thanks for excellent tutorial on forge capabilities.


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