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"Our greatest enemy is not ourselves, but disease." -MrComputerGhost

Hey, everyone! Mitchellbrine here, and this is my entry for ModJam 4. DiseaseCraft was a mod created in a 96 hour competition called ModJam, in which competitors create a mod/map over 96 hours. You can get more information on ModJam at the link above.

This mod received 10th in the community pick for Most Inventive. Thank you so much for supporting and enjoying the mod!

DiseaseCraft is a mod that adds more than 8 new diseases that alter the player's movement and everyday life. These can be achieved by simply hugging a rat, eating raw meat, or exploring long distances. Create/Trade medication, which can help you or harm you. Try to survive and thrive as disease and plague sneak towards you at every corner!

Requires Minecraft Forge 1230 or later!

Documentation (As Requested):
Crafting Recipes:
Medical Journal:
Effects.json Editing (NEW FEATURE IN 3.1):

To Be Added:
- More Diseases/Conditions (Nearsightedness/Insomnia)
- Mod Compatibility
Modpack Info:
I give permission for ANYONE to put it in their modpack. Put it in and have fun! I would also suggest adding Flowstone in there, just to have a bit more fun! ;D

DiseaseCraft is licensed under a GNU General Public License V3 License.


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