Disable Portals

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Disable Portals

A simple mod that allows for the disabling of nether portals and end portals. It adds the disableportals command for all operators.

screenshot example screenshot example

Command Usage

disableportals reloadConfig - reloads the config file, located in config/DisablePortals.json

disableportals (netherAllowed|endAllowed|endGatewaysAllowed) (true|false) - sets the selected dimension's portals to work or not to work.Ex: disableportals endAllowed false will turn off end portals.

Config Usage

A config file (config/DisablePortals.json) will auto generate and look like this

config file screenshot

By default, no portals are disabled. To disable nether portals through the config, set disableNetherPortals to true. If you make changes to the config while the game is running, you will have to run disableportals reloadConfig for the changes to take effect.

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