Dimensional Item Cannons

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What does this mod add?

This mod adds a Dimensional Item Cannon which can transport items between different dimensions. However while it is made for transporting items between dimensions, it is bad at transporting items in the X, Y and Z axis, requiring the items' destination to be close on X, Y and Z axis from it.

What does the it require to operate?

It requires three items to operate: A bound Dimensional Stone which is used to designate the items' destination, A Dimensional Shell which acts as a sort of ammo and finally the item(s) you want to transport (up to one stack of any item at a time).

What are Dimensional Shells?

Dimensional Shells are one time use items, that are used for firing the Dimensional Item Cannon. They come in three tiers, by default they have tier 0, 1 and 2 where tier 0 allows you to transport items between Overworld and Nether, tier 1 allows you to transport items between all the three vanilla dimensions and finally tier 2 shells allow you to transport items between modded dimensions. Additionally every tier allows you to transport items a few meters further.

How far can a cannon transport items in terms of X, Y and Z?

On default settings, it can transport items 25 blocks away with additional 10 blocks for each tier of the shell used.

Does the scaling of 1 block in the nether to 8 blocks in the Overworld still apply?


How configurable is the mod?

The mod has the following config options:

  • Minimum required shell tier needed for specific world.
  • Amount of shell tiers there are (The mod has recipes for tiers 0, 1 and 2 and textures for tiers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • Should the mode reload config when entering a world and using /reload command.
  • The maximum distance the cannon can send items.
  • The maximum distance increase per shell tier.