Dimensional Edibles

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Filename DimensionalEdibles-1.10.2-1.3.jar
Uploaded by Jackyy
Uploaded Jan 15, 2019
Game Version 1.10.2
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Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions
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Java 8


  • Added custom cakes / apples support (Thanks to Turkey2349), closes #1
    • To add your own custom cakes / apples, look into the customedible section of the mod's config file
      • Here's an example of the config:
      • This would create edibles for the Mining Dimension (from Aroma1997's Dimensional World) and the Deep Dark (from Extra Utilities 2)
      • Mining Dimension using Stone Pickaxe as cake fuel while the Deep Dark using Cobblestone as cake fuel
      customedible {
          # Set a list of dimensions to add cakes / apples for.
          # Format: <Dimension ID>, <Cake / Apple Name>
          # Example: 0, Overworld
          # Note: "Cake" is automatically appended onto the end of the name for cakes.
          S:dimensions <
              6, Mining Dimension
              -11325, Deep Dark
          customcake {
              # Set the fuel used by Custom Cakes.
              # Format: <Dimension ID>, <Fuel Registry Name>
              # Example: 0, minecraft:apple
              S:fuel <
                  6, minecraft:stone_pickaxe
                  -11325, minecraft:cobblestone
              # Set to true to make all Custom Cakes pre-fueled upon placed.
    • You may add as many custom cakes / apples as you like, but you have to add the crafting recipes for the cakes / apples yourself via CraftTweaker as this feature is mainly intended for modpack creators
  • Added a config option to disable the activation of End Portals, closes #7
  • Fixed some teleporting problems when using the cakes / apples, closes #10 and #12
  • Teleporting now uses player-relative positions instead of hardcoded coordinates, closes #11
  • Migrated from using some deprecated methods to make porting this mod to 1.13 easier
  • All cakes now shows the dimension name corresponds to the cake itself
  • Added Dutch translation, closes #9

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