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Dimensional Ascension - Blue Skies Tetra Compatibility


This mod adds compatibility between Blue Skies and Tetra. It lets tools that are made with Blue Skies material work at normal speeds and damage values in the Blue Skies dimensions, as well as adds those Blue Skies materials. It also adds a few other compatibility patches, such as letting axes from Tetra work on the Starlit Crusher.

The materials added by this mod are:

  • Charoite
  • Diopside
  • Moonstone
  • Pyrope
  • Aquite
  • Falsite
  • Horizonite - this material also provides autosmelt to a tool
  • Ventium
  • Lunar Stone
  • Turquoise Stone
  • Bluebright Wood
  • Cherry Wood
  • Dusk Wood
  • Frostbright Wood
  • Lunar Wood
  • Maple Wood
  • Starlit Wood

The in-built values within the mod can be changed via datapack, like vanilla Tetra.

Additionally, extra materials can be added to bypass the Blue Skies nerf by giving them the 'Fairweather' improvement (key dimasctetracompat/fairweather)


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