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Digimobs is a fanmade mod created by Cyan. I am currently in the process of rebuilding the whole mod for newer versions(1.15+). Things will look a bit sparse for a while until I get everything re-added.




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This mod is licensed as All Rights Reserved, meaning that you must have permission before redistributing the mod..

You do have the permission to distribute this mod in any modpacks, so long as I am credited. I personally prefer you not upload modpacks on websites that do not require you give Mod Author's credit, but I am not going to stop you.

You DO NOT have permission to reuse assets from this mod for your projects unless specific permission is given by contributors before hand. That means that:
You CAN NOT rip models or textures without consent from the member that made it.

You CAN NOT rip item or block textures without consent from the original author that made it.

You CAN NOT redistribute the code for the mod under any circumstances. It is closed source and I do not intend to change that.

Many people have contributed countless hours to this mod, and I do not intend to see any of their work being stolen out of laziness. I take this seriously and will protect the members of my team should their hard work be stolen without consent in whatever escalation that may be necessary.


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