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Different Guardians

A mod that allows you to summon guardian warriors!
The mod adds the ability to summon 9 variants of guards that help the owners of the village from raids of your houses. New high-level protection and damage capabilities. The simplest is an ordinary guard in leather armor and a stone sword. The most powerful one has Netherite armor and sword. In addition, the mod will also add more weapons, armor and several themed achievements to the game.
Mod also adds new content like: Silver, Copper (for 1.16.5), More weapons and Achievements!

Guardian types:

Guardian types:

1)Default Guardian

2) Iron Guardian

3) Golden Guardian

4) Diamond Guardian

5) Ninja Guardian

6) Improved Axe Guardian

7) Copper Guardian

8) Silver Guardian

9) Netherite Guardian

Craft recipes:

Craft recipes:
Default Guardian Summoner

Copper Guardian Summoner

Silver Guardian Summoner

Netherite Guardian Summoner

Improved Axe


Silver Spear

Copper Sword

Silver helmet

Silver body

Silver leggins

Silver boots

Copper helmet

Copper body

Copper leggins

Copper boots

What is planned, but not yet in mod:
1) Spawn of guards in villages
2) 5-3 more types of guards
3) Spawn of structures with guards inside
4) Spawn of additional guardian structures in villages